Issue Profile

Pro Prevailing Wage

Craig believes that prevailing wage not only benefits skilled workers and the communities that they live in but is critical to the safety of people traveling Kentucky’s roads and bridges

Against so-called “Right-to-Work”

Craig believes strong labor unions are a key to a strong middle class and that so-called “right-to-work” laws are attacks against working families.

Pro 21st Century Infrastructure investment

Craig knows that an updated, modern infrastructure is the key to Kentucky and our region’s economic future. Not just roads and bridges, but high-speed internet and reliable utilities.

Strong Public Education Advocate

Craig wants our kids and grandkids to be able to compete in the global economy, and a world-class education system is the only way to accomplish that. We can’t cut our way to prosperity.

Strong Advocate for protecting public pensions

Craig believes that “a pension is a promise.” He will fight for teachers, first responders, and all state workers to ensure that they have the pension they earned when they retire!

Strong Supporter of Organized Labor

Craig knows that all the major protections for workers came because of the organized labor and he will be a strong fighter for all working people.

Pro $15 Minimum Wage

Craig believes that hard work should be rewarded and he will support raising Kentucky’s minimum wage to $15 gradually over several years.

Pro Medical Marijuana

Craig knows medical marijuana helps people and saves lives. In states with medical marijuana laws, opioid-related deaths are down 30%. It’s time Kentucky catches up in this issue.